Pristine Waters, Abundant Sea Life, and Beaches to Explore
Los Cabos is a kayaker's paradise. With pristine waters, abundant sea life, dramatic coastal scenery and secret coves and beaches to explore, it's an experience unlike any other. In Cabo San Lucas, you can rent a kayak along M├ędano Beach and set out for Land's End where you can view the iconic arch, enjoy watching the playful sea lions and admire frigate birds soaring overhead. A stop at Lover's beach gives you opportunity to rest and walk along the rock formations reaching the Pacific side of the beach.

As an alternative, you can engage on kayak excursions like the Two Bay Crusade:
Santa Maria and Chileno are the best bays in Cabo for swimming and snorkeling. Santa Maria is surrounded by uneven cliffs that drop into the water and you might see many species of tropical fish, as well as gorgonians lining the reef walls. East of Santa Maria is Chileno Bay, where tidal pools towards the eastern bluff are wonderful to explore. You will take a transparent kayak from Santa Maria to Chileno and enjoy a protected finger reef, teeming with tropical fish, eels, starfish and urchins in calm shallow waters.

Bring along:

Camera, sun screen, towel & bathing suit

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